Why Consumers Should Avoid Energy Drinks

Consumers are looking for a clear solution to their sudden depletion of energy during the day. They may experience these sudden drops during their workday or immediately following short intervals of exercise. For this reason, they may decide to consume energy drinks to increase their energy levels. This decision, however, could present disastrous effects. The following are details about why consumers should avoid energy drinks.

Amino Acids Effects

The amino acid taurine in excessive quantities causes high systolic strain in the heart. The effects could present a higher risk of a heart attack for consumers who drink energy drinks. This high dosage could present an immediate heart attack if the individual participates in strenuous exercise after drinking more than one of the energy drinks. In fact, reports have shown the death of a teen who participated in sports was linked to the consumption of two energy drinks. It was due to the high amino acid content in his body.

High Sugar Content

The high sugar content is a standard energy drink equates to around thirteen teaspoons of sugar. For consumers with existing diabetes, this could lead to a sudden and dangerous increase in blood-glucose levels. For consumers who don’t have diabetes already, the prolonged consumption of the drinks could cause them to develop the disease.

How They Affect Heart Patients

Select energy drinks could increase blood pressure to dangerous levels. This could restrict the blood vessels and create a cardiac event. If the consumer drinks more than one of the drinks, they could die quickly.

Excessive Doses of B Vitamins

Excessive doses of B vitamins leads to flushing of the skin. This is the first sign of a potential overdose of the vitamins. Excessive use of the energy drinks also leads to liver toxicity and the potential for skin lesions.

Consumers who want to review alternatives to these dangerous drinks can find better options through liquid caffeine. The products don’t present consumers with dangerous effects. They provide hours of energy without health risks. They don’t present high volumes of sugar or amino acids. Consumers who want to learn more about why caffeinated water rocks can read more here today.